the MAX

Maximize your routine with our exclusive collection that’s clinically formulated to jumpstart defense against prominent fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. The MAX™ employs Vectorize Technology® to transport encapsulated ingredients to help skin appear plump and firm. Our formulas tap into nature’s most powerful agents for change, with plant stem cells and botanicals renowned for their ability to support lasting, visible results in the fight to reclaim youthful firmness and elasticity.

Stem Cell Masque 2oz

Formulated with potent, advanced anti-ageing ingredients, this luxurious masque does more than instantly awaken a tired complexion: It visibly rejuvenates, regenerates and revitalises dull, ageing skin to restore a youthful, luminous appearance. Read more

From £49.00

Stem Cell Crème 1.7oz

Achieve maximum results overnight with this groundbreaking crème that delivers unparalleled antioxidant benefits and reinforces skins defence mechanisms. Read more

From £120.00

Stem Cell Eye Crème .5oz

This revolutionary eye treatment targets visible signs of ageing with corrective peptides and high concentrations of premium growth factors derived from plant stem cells. This potent blend helps to decelerate the cellular ageing process and protect skins own stem cells. Read more

From £72.00

Stem Cell Facial Cleanser 4oz

Powered by an advanced polypeptide complex and plant-derived stem cell technology to turn cleansing into a luxurious experience. Sulphate and acid free, balances pH and extends cell life. Read more

From £34.00

Stem Cell Neck Lift 2oz

This ultra-firming neck and décolleté lifting crème contains the MAXimum concentration of innovative peptides combined with plant derived stem cell technology that will help to increase elasticity, brighten, tighten and define the neck and jawline. Read more

From £110.00

Stem Cell Serum 1oz

Experience transformative skin rejuvenation in one powerful serum. Revolutionary, multi-layer technology releases nutripeptides and an exclusive blend of plant stem cells deep into the skin to combat the effects of ageing and stimulate new collagen. Read more

From £125.00