Sun-Believable SCRUB ME Body Exfoliator

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Sun-Believable SCRUB ME Body Exfoliator, gently polishes the skin prep, remove and exfoliate for an even, long lasting tan!

Key Features:

• Natural Walnut Shell & Ecuadorian Ivory Palm seed to gently polish the skin, creating the perfect foundation for your golden tan.

• Acqua Biomin Gem, a unique blend of precious gems, diamond, pearl, turquoise and opal proteins leave the skin feeling beautifully smooth and perfectly prepared.

• Acqua Biomin increases hydration of the skin by 24%.

• A salt-free scrub.

• Exquisitely fragranced with a blend of Essential Oil of Sicilian lemon and lime.



Why Sun-Believable?
Expert - Luxury – Tanning

From an early age, Leighton was keen to keep his fair skin looking healthy & bronzed. Conscious of the ageing and health-damaging effects of sunbeds, self-tanning became the next best thing.

Unfortunately finding the perfect self-tan to suit his very fair skin tone was not so easy – the right golden tone, wear evenly, dry quickly, odorless, easy to apply, kind to the skin, but always with a touch of luxury.

It was only after years of never quite finding perfection, he decided to create his own , combining his expertise of the beauty industry and knowledge of high quality, premium ingredients, to develop a self-tan range that delivered a healthy, beautifully bronzed, long lasting tan.

Perfect whether you are a tanning virgin or tanning addict and suitable for even the fairest of skins.

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