Sister & Co Sugar + Salt Scrub: Matcha + Baobab

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100% natural, vegan, made with certified organic ingredients

350g. 100% natural, vegan, made with certified organic ingredients.

The star ingredient of this scrub, our ceremonial-grade matcha green tea, is legendary for its skin beneficial anti-oxidant properties and we source and pack it in its purest possible form. 

Not to be bested, baobab oil’s omega fatty acids have been used for centuries by women in Africa to nourish and hydrate and does wonders for skin even in the hottest and driest of conditions. We combine baobab with jojoba wax and our own coconut oil to provide the ultimate hydration, while raw organic coconut sugar and pink Himalayan salt add minerals and nutrients as they gently yet thoroughly slough away dead skin cells. 

Fresh scents of rosemary, lemongrass and jasmine add freshness, uplift and soothe.

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