Relaxing Massage 60 - x6

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A full body massage tailored to your needs, focused on relaxing the mind and body.

Treat yourself to your next 6 Relaxing massages at a geat price of 5!

Designed to be our most relaxing masssage, our signature spa massage helps to relieve aches and pains, increases blood circulation and eliminates toxins.

We take pride in offering a completely tailored experience, with your therapist consulting you on areas where you'd like them to work on most. Achey shoulders? No problem. Lower back pains? They can focus their magic there!

Treatment Time

60 minutes


This treatment is carried out in our luxurious spas and is designed to be a complete spa experience.  

Our aim is to make sure you feel completely at ease and relaxed during your spa experience, you will be fully looked after before, during and after your treatment by our team of therapists and spa hosts.


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