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The ‘Pure beauty zone’ was created to provide a place for people to transition to clean beauty in an informed way. But what is ‘natural beauty’? Natural beauty is skin care with no toxins, parabens, sulphates, or other artificial additives. Most of the products which we host are fully organic and plant based. We’ve chosen the products on the site based off their commitment to sustainability, their results and subsequent awards, and ingredients.

Natural skincare often has a higher concentrated amount of active ingredients than other skincare and is bursting with omega’s and vitamins and can therefore deliver better results. We’re committed to giving full disclosure of all ingredients and interrogate the label to make sure it fully natural.  We’ve curated and created the best in natural beauty, including our own skin care line- this is used in many of our spa treatments and is inspired by our clients.  Ask your therapist for their recommendations, and what ‘PURE Beauty Zone’ product was used in your treatment.

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Petit Baume Rescue

Ideal for your face, body and hand skin, the Petit Baume (little balm) Tonic is perfect to slip in your bag, with a new whipped cream-like texture. Read more

From £25.00

Rosehip Oil

A gentle but effective bend of essential oils to soothe, nourish and replenish tired bodies and minds. Read more

From £24.00

Sister & Co Bath Soak: Almond Milk + Cardamom

Almond milk is known to sooth and hydrate skin that feels dry and tired – especially good for heels and feet Read more

From £23.00

Sister & Co Facial Formula

This facial oil only contains goodness Read more

From £28.00

Sister & Co Sugar + Salt Scrub: Cacao + Coffee

A double espresso for your skin! Read more

From £25.00

Sister & Co Sugar + Salt Scrub: Matcha + Baobab

100% natural, vegan, made with certified organic ingredients Read more

From £25.00

Sister & Co True Cleanse Oil

A gentle alternative to a synthetic cleanser Read more

From £30.00

Vegan Spa Facial

100% natural facial Read more

From £55.00

Vegan Spa Facial 60

100% natural facial Read more

From £80.00