Be smooth, be bold, be confident! 
Our therapists use the best hair removal products like Australian Bodycare and Perron Rigot, and they have developed waxing techniques that are gentle on skin, fast, less painful, skin-friendly for both, males and females. No matter what kind of waxing you choose: facial, body or intimate, we will deliver superior results. And once your treatment is done, ask our therapists about waxing aftercare products in our salons.

Bikini Wax (Normal/High)

Hair is removed from the bikini area Prices from £18 Read more

From £18.00

Brazilian Wax

Removes everything apart from a small strip down the middle. Prices from £30. Read more

From £30.00

Hollywood Wax

Removes all hair from your bikini area for smooth results. From £40. Read more

From £40.00

Eyebrow Wax

A beauty essential for shaped and defined eyebrows. From £12. Read more

From £12.00

Lip or Chin Wax

Pain-free with reduced redness. From £10. Read more

From £10.00

Nostril Wax

Free with any face wax. From £8. Read more

From £8.00

Underarm Wax

Pain-free, professional results. From £12. Read more

From £12.00

Forearm Wax

For soft and supple forearms Read more

From £18.00

Full Arm Wax

For arms that are soft to the touch. From £27. Read more

From £27.00

Half Leg Wax

A choice of a lower or upper leg waxing. From £20. Read more

From £20.00

Full Leg Wax

Smooth, silky legs from top to toe. From £37. Read more

From £37.00

Eyebrow & Upper Lip Wax

Achieve expertly defined eyebrows and smooth upper-lips Read more

£22.00 From £16.00

Full Body Wax

Full leg, full arm, bikini(normal/high), and underarm wax. Read more

£94.00 From £79.00

Chest Wax

Not a fan of chest hair? No problem. Prices from £26. Read more

From £26.00

Back Wax

We've got your back. Literally. Read more

From £26.00

Back & Chest Wax

For all-over smoothness, ideal for sports. Prices from £45. Read more

From £45.00