Threading is gentle and very effective for removing and tidying facial hair, particularly eyebrows. Hairs are removed with cotton thread using special techniques. Targeting each hair from the root, it offers a clean and defined finish that's ideal for sensitive skin, and because its so precise, produces amazing results. Threading is for all facial parts: eyebrows, lips, chin, sides of face, forehead and even a neck. Regular threading sessions results in lesser and finer hair growth!

Eyebrow Threading

Expertly shaped eyebrows for a high definition look Read more

£19.00 £16.00

Lip or Chin Threading

Precise hair removal for even the finest lip or chin hairs Read more

Neck Hair Threading

Easily removes any stray hairs from the back of your neck Read more

Sides of Face Threading

Using long threading motions, removes even the finest of hairs Read more

Eyebrow & Lip Threading

Achieve expertly defined eyebrows and smooth upper-lips Read more

£34.00 £26.00

Lip & Chin Threading

Highly effective for sensitive skin Read more

£30.00 £22.00

Full Face Threading

Remove unwanted hair from the lip, chin and sides of face Read more

£51.00 £35.00

Full Face Threading (inc. Eyebrows)

Achieve defined eyebrows and remove unwanted hair from the face Read more

£70.00 £42.00