Organic Precious Liquid Soaps

Nectar-like liquid soaps, with exceptionally dense texture and rich in organic essential oils. Designed as skincare products, they nourish, sooth, and protect your face and hands' skin on a daily basis - like a moisturiser.

S/1 Artisanal Face and Hand Soap with Rose Musk Oil & Bitter Orange Essential Oil

S/1 is recommended for all skin types. Its concentration in musk rose oil and bitter orange essential oil provide high levels of Vitamin C which encourage tissue repair. Read more

From £25.00

S/2 Artisanal Face and Hand Soap with Argan Oil & Everlasting Essential Oil

S/2 can be used with all skin types, and is recommended for damaged skins: both everlasting and lemongrass contribute to the rejuvenation of the skin. Read more

From £25.00