Organic Cold-processed Solid Soaps

The ultimate simplicity of naturally hydrating cold-processed solid soaps for your body and face.

R/1 Handcrafted Soap with Olive Oil & Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil - Mature Skins

The R/1 soap nourishes and tones all skins, and especially mature ones, thanks to the powerful skin regeneration and tonic capacities of the ylang-ylang essential oil. Read more

From £11.00

R/2 Handcrafted Soap with Shea Butter and Rosemary Essential Oil - Dry Skin

The R/2 soap takes care of dry and damaged skin, as the hydrating and nourishing benefits of shea butter are combined with the rosemary essential oil skin repair and protection effects. Read more

From £11.00

R/3 Handcrafted Soap with Geranium Essential Oil And Chamomile Flowers - Fragile Skin

The R/3 soap with camomile flowers and geranium essential oil calms and soothes even the most sensitive skins. Read more

From £11.00

R/4 Handcrafted Soap Daisy Flower And Cardamon- Sagging Skin

Enriched with coconut oil, the R/4 soap with daisy flower and cardamom essential oil repairs and purifies sagging skin Read more

From £11.00

R/5 Handcrafted Soap with Cedar Essential Oil & Vegetable Coal - Facial Scrub

The R/5 soap gently exfoliates the skin while ensuring maximum hydration. It is ideal for cleaning and nourishing facial skin without irritating it. Read more

From £11.00

R/6 Handcrafted Soap Macadamia Oil & Peppermint- Dull Skin

The R/6 soap was designed to stimulate tired skin: the macadamia oil prevents the oxidation of skin cells while the mint wakes it up, giving it tone and vitality Read more

From £11.00

R/7 Handcrafted Soap with Rose Musk Oil & Bitter Orange Essential Oil - All Skin Types

The R/7 soap nourishes and takes care of all skin types: rich in vitamin E, the muscat rose oil combined with the healing properties of the bitter orange essential oil nourishes and tones the skin. Read more

From £11.00

R/8 Handcrafted Soap With Coffee Bean Powder & Cardamon- Body Scrub

The purifying and toning qualities of the cardamom combined with the abrasive properties of the coffee bean powder leave your skin soft and deeply nourished Read more

From £11.00

R/9 Handcrafted Soap With Hemp Oil And Lavender- Rough Skins

The R/9 soap's hemp oil and lavandin essential oil repair and regenerate damaged skin Read more

From £11.00