Must Have Mani Makeover

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The ultimate kit containing professional salon products to create and maintain healthy looking nails and beautifully soft hands.

Trio buffer - 2 buffing surfaces to smooth nails to perfection and another side to give a natural miracle shine.
Crystal nail file - Shape using our multi-award winning crystal file, complete with a 25 year guarantee (guarantee covers file surface only)
Best Defence Cherry Blossom - Moisturise your hands and cuticles for long-lasting softness

Crystal nail file: File the nail across the edge to the desired shape, can also be used to file back and forth unlike standard emery boards, which can damage the nail.

Trio Buffer: Use surface 1  to buff and flatten the ridges, then using surface 2 to smooth out the surface of the nail, finish with surface 3 to buff the nails to a glass like shine.

Best Defence Cherry Blossom: Massage into skin morning and night or as required.