E/6 Essential Care Orange Cream

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Ultra Moisturising & Softening Hand & Face Cream

A maximum efficiency undiluted organic-certified and vegan cream containing 87.90% of active natural ingredients.
Apply to your face and/or hands and gently massage for a few seconds until full absorption.

Benefits of E/6 Essential Care Orange

E/6, ideal for all types of skin, including dry skin, is a very active regenerating hand and face cream.

The high concentration in apricot kernel oil, shea butter, and jojoba oil enables strong moisturising and smoothing of the skin.

The presence of both orange extract and orange essential oil ensures the strong purifying - and brightening - properties of this cream.

You will be surprised by the sensoriality of E/6 Essential Care Orange, just perfect for your daily hydration routine.

  • How strong is E/6's smell (1 to 10 scale)? 8 - an very refreshing smell of orange.

  • Defining E/6's texture? Quite light, penetrating quickly in the skin thanks to its emulsion nature (similar to the skin's surface).

75ml   2.54fl.oz