Diamond Peel Course

From £250.00

DIAMOND PEEL OFFER JUNE 2021 7 30 mins for £250 or 7 60mins for £375 (GET 2 FREE)


DIAMOND PEEL OFFER- GET a course of 7 30 minute facials for only £250 or a course of 7 60 minute facials for £375 (GET 2 FREE)

Advanced resurfacing facial using diamond peel technology, aiding blemish-prone skin. This exfoliating facial diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin tone and texture and encourages natural skin cell renewal.

There's no better feeling than your skin right after a facial. So, why make that feeling temporary?

It is a proven fact that for long lasting results, we should treat our skin to a facial every 3-4 weeks to keep treatments in line with our natural skin cycle.
Getting regular treatments will keep the skin radiant and healthy, it will increase collagen production and smooth out wrinkles for the long term.
Now is the perfect time to see the results for yourself. 

Treatment time - 30 minutes / 60 minutes

Wondering whether this treatment is accessible for you?

This is available to both male and female clients. We have designed this treatment to allow it to be tailored to individual needs and requirements, meaning that it is fully accessible to everyone, no matter your gender.