R/1 Handcrafted Soap with Olive Oil & Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil - Mature Skins

The R/1 soap nourishes and tones all skins, and especially mature ones, thanks to the powerful skin regeneration and tonic capacities of the ylang-ylang essential oil. Read more

From £11.00

R/4 Handcrafted Soap Daisy Flower And Cardamon- Sagging Skin

Enriched with coconut oil, the R/4 soap with daisy flower and cardamom essential oil repairs and purifies sagging skin Read more

From £11.00

R/7 Handcrafted Soap with Rose Musk Oil & Bitter Orange Essential Oil - All Skin Types

The R/7 soap nourishes and takes care of all skin types: rich in vitamin E, the muscat rose oil combined with the healing properties of the bitter orange essential oil nourishes and tones the skin. Read more

From £11.00

R/9 Handcrafted Soap With Hemp Oil And Lavender- Rough Skins

The R/9 soap's hemp oil and lavandin essential oil repair and regenerate damaged skin Read more

From £11.00