Active-Build Treatment Trio

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3-step treatment regime for thin, weak nails.

Active Build Trio is a 3 step treatment developed to treat nails that are thin and weak. Each step contains fortifying ingredients to reinforce, build strength and repair thin, weak nails.
Active-build remover - CLEANSE gently to prep the nail before the treatment application

Active-build serum - TREAT to fortify weak nails and restore moisture balance

Active-build shield - PROTECT the nails from water and seal in the serum

Apply remover to a cotton pad, press on each nail for 5 seconds and gently pull away to remove colour. Apply a little serum onto nails and massage into the nail and cuticle area until fully absorbed. As soon as the serum is fully dry, apply the shield to seal the serum and help bond the nail surface. Can be used as a clear base coat under nail polish. Repeat the above process every 4 days or so or when you need to change polish. For your daily routine, at bed time, apply a little serum to the cuticle and massage into the cuticles and sides of the nail.